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Indi Contrary // Nisikosê Prisms

Indi Contrary // Nisikosê Prisms

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The tricolour prism pattern derived from my Nehiyaw family's traditional beadwork. It embodies the strong wisdom of the aunties; clean and clear ascending steps, balanced and mirroring our path forward. 

Next, the dentalium element hangs representing wealth redefined which results from the aunties wisdom. Dentalium, a conical tooth shell harvested on the Pacific Coast, traded inland for thousands of years and threaded into adornment, represents the wealth of our traditional commerce, thriving trade routes and kinship ties that are being rekindled. To me, wealth redefined is our language, health, healing, food, joy and land outside of the narrow colonial capitalistic definitions. 

Length: 13 ' Weight: 3.4oz Hand made in Canada. Authentic Indigenous adornment. Big Aunty Energy. 

Made of 4 colours of quality mirror and opaque cut acetate inlaid and leather backed with durable gold-plated hypoallergenic hooks. 

Length: 17.5 inches. Weight: 3oz

// Nisikosê (Nêhiyawêwin regular dependant animate noun, kinship term, vocative form) aunt!, cross-aunt. father's sister, mother's brother's wife. mother-in-law

Model Rebecca is wearing gowns by Indigenous designer Heather Bouchier. 


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