Our Story

At its core, Indi City stands as a testament to Indigenous economic sovereignty, with a focus on ensuring that Matriarchs have a prominent role in this journey. Our commitment to this vision is not only to inspire but also manifest in all of our creations. 

Indi City's approach is deeply rooted in their desire to preserve and promote the voices of the original storytellers. This is achieved through the language of fashion, design, and innovation. In doing so, we pay homage to the ancestors while paving the way for a new era of Indigenous expression in the e-commerce and retail fashion landscape.


hands hold a historic black and white framed photo of an Indigenous grandmother scraping a moose hide on a frame outdoors.

my inspiration

"I have 6 sisters. When beading I often think about my sisters and what would look good on each one of them. Or how my aunties or mom would look in certain designs 

I imagine my Kokum sitting by oil lantern and beading floral designs that she saw while on a bush walk. I think if my mom in the 90’s and her blood red lipstick, oversized acrylic earrings, and her badass leather coat… 

I think of my grandma with her jewelry box full of earrings that I wished I could wear to pair with my sisters as looks for our childhood basement rehearsals for our runways and musicals. " - Angel