Métis Beadwork Collection

Métis Beadwork

Métis Beadwork

Inspired by our Métis  Kohkum's floral beadwork and an experimental colour story... 

contrary collection

The Contrary Collection from Indi City features hand cut acrylic inlay designs backed in luxurious metallic textured leather featuring contemporary interpretations of traditional Métis and Cree florals, geometric parfleche, dentalium, prism and sunburst patterns. Each style is named for and imbued with the spirit of the matrilineal kinship ties. 

Handmade authentic Indigenous adornment for all. Now available in three colour palettes. 

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    Bridging epochs and earth, we stand adorned with pride and purpose. We bring forward Indigenous fashion, not just as a statement but as a universal embrace. Wear our stories. Celebrate our journey.


    Fashion is more than attire; it's a narrative. With Indi City, let every adornment be an echo of ancestral wisdom, spun into contemporary designs, all handcrafted by Indigenous artisans.


    Our creations are whispered songs of gratitude to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the ancient winds and waters, guiding us as we share Indigenous fashion's legacy with you.

INDI CITY is motivated by the potential, for fashion to unite Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through a collective connection inspired by traditional iconography and contemporary Indigenous designs. It’s also a forum to explore more challenging concepts and topics. “Fashion has become a place where politics and art, can create dialogues globally – it’s such a creative way to bridge those gaps in a way that feels right.”