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Indi City

Indi Contrary // Contrary Hoops

Indi Contrary // Contrary Hoops

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This hoop-within-a-hoop has shown up in my beadwork for a decade. 

When I first started out as a beadworker, I became known for this signature hoop style. I have made and sold over a hundred pairs of this one-of-a-kind double hoop style, with the outer edged in brickstitch, and inner hoop with three prisms. In this new design I have translated the negative space as well as the inner and outer hoop beadwork patterns in three colours.

The design shows the oscillation of energy, the positive and negatives charge and represents the creation that comes from chaos. Contrary is about needing to acknowledge the clockwise and counterclockwise, negative and positive to all of creation. In Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) culture, we have ceremonial societies or groups dedicated to the acknowledgement of counter clockwise energy that some people hold in their spirit and how that serves as a great healer in our community as a whole. Sometimes called ‘the reverse warrior’, we cannot exist without the contrary energy. 

This design is foundational to the story of Indi City but in true contrary fashion we are introducing it now, many years in, instead of first. You’re invited to purchase both colourways and the mix and match, even share with a sister or friend.

Adapted from my signature nested double beaded hoop earrings. Made of 3 colours of high quality mirror and opaque inlaid cut acetate and leather backed with durable gold-plated hypoallergenic hooks.

Length: 2.5" Weight: 0.6oz

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